Transportation and Development Institute Leadership

Nihar Shah
T&DI Chair

Rob Brzezon
T&DI Vice Chair

Brian Castro
T&DI Treasurer

Morgan Stumpf
T&DI Secretary & Asst. Programs Chair

Matt Kirby
T&DI Past Chair

Muhammad Ali
T&DI Marketing & Communications Chair

Michal Miczek
T&DI Student Outreach/Scholarship Chair

Brian Castro
T&DI Student Outreach Chair

Stephanie Abezetian
T&DI Sponsorship Chair

Mo Javadi

Matt Billiot
T&DI Programs Committee

Colleen Miller
T&DI Programs Committee

Tom Schweitzer
T&DI Programs Committee

Steve Rienks
T&DI Board Member At-Large

Steve Mikottis
T&DI Board Member At-Large

Transportation and Development Institute

The Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) is a specialty membership organization focused on the transportation and development industry. T&DI combines the talents and perspectives of its members to promote professional excellence in all aspects of transportation engineering, urban planning and development. The Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) supports the advancement of integrated transportation and development that is safe, secure, and sustainable. T&DI is a membership-based organization with members from academia, government, and the transportation and development industry that collaborate to promote professional excellence.

Transportation and Development Institute News