Patrick Lach, PE, CFM
Hey & Associates, Inc. | Principal Engineer

What is your current or most recent position held on the Illinois Section board?
Report Card Chair, 2016 – Current

What Section positions have you held in the past, including any technical groups and committees?

Board Positions
– President, 2014
– President-Elect, 2013
– Secretary, 2012
– Director, 2009 – 2010

Section Committees
– Government Affairs Chair, 2015 – 2019
– Student Outreach Chair, 2008 – 2012

Technical Groups
– EWRI Chair, 2006

What has been your most rewarding moment or contribution to the Civil Engineering profession?

During the design of a stormwater facility, neighbors stated how stormwater would flood through their front door and go out their backdoor and how stressful it was that they were scared to leave town during the summer because of damaging rainfall events. Following the implementation of the project and the first large rainstorm, the neighbors were so thankful to the municipality and designers because their homes didn’t flood and it was such a relief to them!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time, when you’re not working or volunteering for ASCE and other organizations?

I enjoy coaching and watching my kid’s various sporting events. We also spend time as a family up in Door County and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

What is one piece of advice you would give to Student or Younger Members as they start their careers in civil engineering?

Get outside and see how projects are actually built! It will open your mind as a planner and designer and help you be better at your job!

 Patrick is a Principal Engineer at Hey and Associates, Inc. working out of the Chicago office and he is responsible for the Chicago engineering staff. He has over 20 years of experience in both public and private sector planning and design projects involving civil engineering, water resources, environmental engineering, wetlands/ecology, and landscape architecture. He is a proud husband and father to Lynn, Aidan, Ellinor, Maeve, James and their goofball dog Neville. Patrick and his family currently live in LaGrange and also help out around town at their kid’s schools, clubs, and sports!

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