Technical Groups are the heartbeat of the Illinois Section and generate the society's programs and opportunities for professional development of civil engineers. The Groups conduct regular technical meetings and four to six lecture series annually. Some 30 + Illinois Section members are involved directly with the planning of these programs through the five specialty Technical Groups.

Transportation and Development Institute

Upcoming Activities and Events

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Past Events

Transit Authority Rich Rodriguez - CTAChicago December 10, 2009 1.0
Congress Parkway Catherine Kibble & Steve Schilke (IDOT), Steve Nadalis (Parsons Brinckerhoff) February 25, 2010 1.0
O'Hare Modernization Project Rosie Andolino - Chicago Department of Aviation March 31, 2010 1.0
CREATE Program Update Larry Wilson - IDOT April 15, 2010 1.0
Pavement Technology Tim Murphy - Murphy Pavement Technology April 27, 2010 6.0
Sustainable Transportation infrastructure Programs Dan Figola - ISPE Past President May 20, 2010 1.0
Diverging Diamond Interchange Jason Salley - IDOT June 24, 2010 1.0
Illinois Tollway Sustainability and Green Infrastructure Initiatives Angela LaPorte - Illinos Tollway September 16, 2012 1.0
Developing & implementing the ISTHA CQP as a Living Document Jask Scmitt - Red Pencile, Inc. September 21, 2010 4.0
Illinois Transportation Picture - Post Election Jennifer Morrison - Managing Director Transportation for Illinois Coalition November 4, 2010 1.0
Team Building for Effective QA/QC on IDOT Phase II Projects Jack Schmitt - Red Pencil, Inc. November 16, 2010 4.0
UIC - Urban Transportation Center Steve Schlickman - UIC UTC Executive Director January 20, 2011 1.0
Roundabouts - IDOT/LCDOT/Burr Ridge Jason Salley (IDOT), Marty Buehler (LCDOT), Paul May (Burr Ridge) February 17, 2012 1.0
McHenry County - Continuous Flow Intersections Wally Dittrich - McHenry County DOT March 17, 2011 1.0
IDOT CREATE Rail Program Larry Wilson - IDOT April 19, 2011 1.0
Business Development - What Custons Value: Delivering on Promises Lee Benish - Adjunct Professor at the mcCormick School of Engineering May 17, 2011 1.0
Northside Red Line Reconstruction Chris Bushell - CTA Sr. VP & Chief Infrastrutrue Officer June 24, 2011 1.0
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority - Capital Plan Kristi Lafleur - Executive Director August 12, 2011 1.0
Metra: A View from the Top and a Forecast of the Future Alex Cliffor - Metra CEO August 25, 2011 1.0
CDOT- Current and Future Plans Gabe Klein - CDOT Commissioner September 15, 2011 1.0
Sustainability - CDOT Green Mile Project and Materials Suppliers Perspective Janet Attarian (CDOT) & Vulcan materials October 20, 2011 1.0
IDOT Elgin O'Hare Expressway Pete Harmet - IDOT November 10, 2011 1.0
Revive Wacker Drive - Part 2 - Project Highlights Dan Burke - CDOT Deptuy Commissioner February 16, 2012 1.0
I-290 - A Fresh Look at Transportation Needs Peter Harmet - IDOT March 22, 2012 1.0
ACE Section 404/10 and nationwide Permit Update Kate Bliss & Stasi Brown April 26, 2012 1.5
Update to Move Illinois Program and Tollway Pavement Design Paul Kovacs - Tollway Chief Engineer May 17, 2012 1.0
Building A New Chicago Gabe Klein - CDOT Commissioner June 6, 2012 1.0
IDOT Multi Year Program John Fortmann - IDOT July 9, 2012 1.0


Officers, 2013-2014 Click here for Contact information


Charles Frangos- Chair
Lead group, prepare monthly meeting agenda, and prepare monthly report to present at monthly section meeting.  Officer of the Section Board.

Andy Walton, P.E. - Vice-Chair
Assist and fill in for Chair, contribute to newsletter articles (one lead, one secondary per year) and website information

Jonathan Tam - Secretary
Take and prepare monthly meeting minutes and distribute.  Also contribute to newsletter and website.

Nick Harrison, P.E. - Treasurer
Manage finances, prepare receipts for events, make deposits, write checks, and prepare monthly report for meetings.  Also prepare and manage an annual budget.

Andy Walton, P.E. - Programs Chair
Identify and contact speakers, set dates (typically third Wednesday of each month), location and time.  Coordinate menu, reservations, nametags, and gifts.

Nick Harrison - Programs Committee

Assist the Programs Chair

Mukul Pal - Programs Committee

Assist the Programs Chair

Shane Schneider - Programs Committee

Assist the Programs Chair

Jonathan Tam - Scholarships/Philanthropy Committee Chair
Solicit applications for graduate and under graduate scholarships to be presented at the President Elect/Student Awards dinner every April.  Applications are accepted from UIC, IIT and NU.  Distribute to the group for review, contact winners.

Frank Zurek - Student Outreach Chair

Liason to colleges

Matt Huffman, P.E. - News Articles

Matt Huffman, P.E. - Awards

Mo Javadi, P.E. - Govt. Affairs

Brian Pawula, P.E. - ASCE National T&DI Liason