What it brings to you and what you can bring to others

The Illinois Section, which covers northern Illinois, has 3145 nationally registered members and is one of the nation’s largest sections. Within our membership we have 402 student members (13% of membership), 580 life members (19%), and 191 fellows (6%). Our members are also active with ASCE National; we hold 250 positions on 131 different Committees (click here for list).

Overall ASCE currently has approximately 144,000 members worldwide with more than 25,000 student members and 20,000 life members. The international segment is one of the fastest growing segments, making up about 10% of the membership body.

We encourage all ASCE members in the Illinois Section to support the local section by paying the annual dues ($30). Unfortunately only half of the Section members paid their dues this year, which caused the Section budget to be reduced. Section dues are typically paid when you renew your national membership (online or via mail), but can be sent “mid-year” to the Illinois Section. You may ask why pay the $30? You get the monthly newsletter notice, receive a discount on Technical Group and Section events and can hold a Chair position within the Technical Groups and Committees. You bring to others the funding for our Section’s day-to-day operations, allowing broader activities such as…

  • Providing a voice to our State Legislators by visiting the Capital and hosting other legislative issue events.
  • We are currently adding a Construction Institute chapter and have established a Sustainability Committee.
  • Engineering without Borders – Chicago Chapter has four ongoing project around the world aiding areas in need.
  • The seven technical groups provide monthly opportunities for continuing education seminars, technical training, networking, and are advocates for their various industry sectors.
  • The Newsletter and Website provide articles, resources, contacts and event information.
  • The Illinois Section is a large supporter of the profession and civil engineering industry, as seen through the recently released State of Illinois Infrastructure Report Card.
  • Thousands of dollars are donated every year to support various engineering groups, fund scholarships, aid area ASCE student chapters, provide outreach to pre-college youth, fund relief aid, train our ASCE leadership, and numerous other activities that strengthen civil engineering in our region.

The Illinois Section, through your involvement and dues, continues to grow and to benefit our profession, its members, and the community. That’s a lot of benefit for under 9¢ a day.

This year, the Section looks to establish a Life Member Group, providing a conduit to connect their wealth of knowledge and expertise to our members. A letter and a short survey will be sent out in the coming months to the 580 life members in the Section to gather interest. To obtain Life Membership status an individual must be over the age of 65 and have been an ASCE member for 30 years, with ten years of continuous membership preceding the attainment of Life Member.

All graduating ASCE student members receive their first year’s national membership free after graduation. Subsequent to that, there is a graduated dues scale for the following five years up to the annual national dues rate of $250. More information can be found on the web. We also encourage all student members coming out of college to join the Section’s Younger Member Group, which consists primarily of young engineers under the age of 35.

Have you paid Illinois Section dues? Section dues are $30 per year. Section dues are paid when you start or renew your national membership and are handled through ASCE National. Life members are not charged Section dues. If you missed paying your dues during your last renewal and would like to pay “mid-year”, please contact the Membership Committee Chair.

Join today by going to the National ASCE Membership page for membership applications and related information.

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