About Us

IL-ASCE Manual of Operations

The Illinois Section represents Civil Engineers in northern Illinois. The Illinois Section Board is made up of the Past President, President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, 6 Directors, and the Chairs of the 5 Technical Groups as well as the Younger Member Group Chair.

The Illinois Section Board meets once a month, and the Technical Groups and Younger Member Group meet at least once a month. Professional Development has been the major focus of the Illinois Section, and its 5 Technical Groups, numerous committees, regular technical programs and lecture series provide unique opportunities for civil engineers to interact with their peers.

mapYounger Members
Young members are a group of individuals under the age of 35 committed to the professional development of Illinois Section young members.

Active Committees
Active committees provide the administrative and professional balance to the Illinois Section. Committees include the Minority Affairs Committee, Membership Committee and the Public Affairs Committee.

The Monthly Newsletter
The monthly newsletter lists upcoming meetings, job advertisements, seminars and other topics essential to civil engineering practice.  For information on advertising with the Illinois Section of ASCE, click here.

Technical Groups
Technical groups are the heartbeat of the Illinois Section and generate the society’s programs and opportunities for professional development of civil engineers. The Groups conduct regular technical meetings and four to six lecture series annually